Traditional Sash & Case

We are known throughout Scotland for our Sash & Case windows. Sash & Case windows are regularly specified and required for conservation areas and listed buildings. These windows add charm and functionality to a building and we offer multiple options in the construction of our windows to make sure of that. We can make both single and double glazed options in a variety of styles (Georgian, Victorian etc). We can counterweight your windows with traditional rope and lead weights or with modern spiral balances. We provide a wide range of ironmongery options and our in-house spray painter will achieve any paint, stain or lacquer finish you desire.


Casement Windows

Available with either side or top hung sashes, and easily fitted into most openings, Casement windows are a very versatile option. Our attractive wooden Casement windows offer the same security and energy efficiency as their uPVC counterparts. Casement windows allow you to achieve a very high standard of glazing and insulation and we can achieve most desired styles, configuration and finishes.


Tilt and Turn Windows

An increasingly popular option, Tilt & Turn windows incorporate a twin opening action and can tilt or turn fully for ventilation or cleaning. Again, we offer a great range of finishes, glazing options and ironmongery options for this product.


Fixed Light Windows

A simple non opening glazed frame. Available in all shapes and sizes.


Bifold and Lift & Slide Window Sets

Two beautiful window sets with multiple opening sashes that help you bring the outside in. Perfect for homes with a view or cafes and restaurants. Bifold window sets allow a seamless transition from inside to outside, an unrestricted view and flood the room with light while maintaining the same level of security and energy efficiency as our other windows. We can also provide Lift & Slide window sets which are similar to Bifold sets but only have one opening sash.


Radius Windows

We offer Sash & Case, Casement and Fixed Pane windows constructed in the round. Ideal for turrets, towers, stairwells and radial bays.


Arched Windows

We can also offer Sash & Case, Casement and Fixed Pane windows in eye catching arch shapes.